The Flash #80

The Flash 80

Hunter Zolomon has trapped Barry, The Black Flash and himself inside the Forever Force in The Flash #80. Zolomon wants to kill Black Flash once and for all. And if he does, death for speedsters would be over. But Barry can’t let that happen. Even though if he stops Zolomon, all speedsters will lose their powers. Can he come up with a plan that will save everyone and keep his speed?

This is the “Death and the Speed Force” conclusion. So basically if you jump in on this issue, you’re probably going to be lost. This story arc begins in issue #76 if you want to go back and read it. It has been a pretty good arc. But even more danger is ahead for Barry and the Flash Family. Spoilers for the conclusion are ahead to go grab the issues if you haven’t read them.

Zolomon vs Death


Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Scott Kolins
Colors: Luis Guerrero Letters: Steve Wands

The Flash #80

There’s a few things going on in this conclusion issue. Avery and Wallace have the Rouges in sight but are unsure of what to do. Zolomon is trying to kill Black Flash, but in doing so will kill the Speed Force. And Barry is trying to keep Zolomon and the other force users from dying. But he has to come up with a plan fast or everyone is in trouble.

Barry does come up with a way to save the Speed Force, Zolomon and the other force users. Repair the Force Wall. But to do so, they have to get out of the Forever Force. Once Barry shares his plan, Zolomon is on board. But he does something Barry wasn’t expecting. Zolomon sacrifices himself to repair the Force Wall since he has some of all the force powers under his control.

Back with Avery and Wallace, the Rouges discover them before they can make a decision. But before they attack, Zolomon has repaired the Force Wall. The Flash Family are all struck with a powerful lightning bolt. Something is not right with the speed force. It seems that whatever Luthor promised Snart is about to come true.

The Flash
The Flash

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