The Dark Age #1

The Dark Age 1

All the world’s metal has been reduced to rust and dust in The Dark Age #1. With no technology, humans revert to their violent primitive ways. Our main protagonists are Ethan, Jonnie and Jonah. Jonah was born on the day metal disappeared. And now they have to contend with cannibals and the different new nations that have formed.

This was a pretty interesting read. I wonder how they are going to explain how the metal all disappeared. But its a good post-apocalyptic story so far. Its going to be interesting to see the dynamics of living with out metal and society collapsing. And there are so many complications that could arise from having not metal.

The day the metal disappeared


Writer: Don Handfield Artist: Leonard Rodrigues
Colors: Dijjo Lima Letters: DC Hopkins

Red 5 Comics: The Dark Age
Red 5 Comics: The Dark Age

from: Things From Another World

The Dark Age #1

This series starts off with the main character family just before the all the metal disappears. Ethan, his wife Alex, and their daughter Jonnie are eating at a diner. Alex is also pregnant with their son Jonah. The spoon starts deteriorating right in Ethan’s hand. They step outside to see whats going on. Buildings start to crash down around them and Alex is badly injured. The baby is coming and Alex apparently didn’t survive.

The New World – Without Metal

That’s all in the first few pages. The story then picks up 13 years later as Ethan, Jonnie and Jonah are trying to survive in the new world. Some of their biggest threats are from cannibals that live in the city. Ethan and Jonah are attacked by some before Jonnie rides in to help out.

They later encounter a group marching that call themselves the Midwest Empire. Jonnie finds out from one of the soldiers that they have a female Emperor. The Empire is planning to conquer the surrounding civilizations. But Ethan and company now have a hostage and tack him to the First People’s Nation. This is a settlement of Native Americans that know the family.

While Jonnie and Cat are questioning their new hostage, Jonnie collapses. We then see that Jonnie has a large scar on her chest from open heart surgery. She apparently had a heart transplant when she was 6. And with the metal gone and no hospitals or pharmaceuticals, she is running out of medication. Once it is gone, her body will reject the heart.

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