Ghost-Spider 1

Ghost-Spider #1

Gwen Stacy has decided to attempt attending Empire State University in Ghost-Spider #1. But not on Earth-65. On Peter Parker’s Earth-616. She no longer has a secret identity. So the only way she can attend college would be in a place where nobody knows her. I’m not exactly sure how the credits transfer and all but this is her best shot at some normalcy.

It’s a little confusing if you haven’t been following any Gwen Stacy comics before. There is a lot that’s just not really explained. Probably because its assumed that you’ve read up on Spider-Gwen. It was still a fun read. You can get enough from what’s in this issue to figure out most of the back story. The Spider-Gwen series ended at #10 and was “relaunched” as simply Ghost-Spider. So you can go back and catch up still on the story so far.

Ghost-Spider travels to Earth-616


Writer: Seanan McGuire Artist: Takeshi Miyazawa
Colors: Ian Herring Letters: Clayton Cowles

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Check out Ghost-Spider Comics in Stock

from: Things From Another World

Ghost-Spider #1

Ghost-Spider has defeated Man-Wolf and put him in jail. But his father and the Mayor are determined to set him free, claiming he wasn’t in his right mind. Captain Stacy is powerless to stop them. But Gwen has plans to get a college education where she won’t be noticed. Luckily Peter Parker sets her up to meet with the Dean.

Gwen gets accepted and is ready to begin her life in two dimensions. But there are some issues with teleporting between Earths. When she first comes over, she loses her powers for a bit. Which can be pretty inconvenient if your on top of a building. Also, The Jackel, Miles Warren has resurfaced at ESU. And he has plans for Gwen.

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