Spider-Verse #1

Spider-Verse 1

The web of life and destiny has been re-woven and Miles may be the only one that can help keep it healthy in Spider-Verse #1. Spider-Zero is trying to get miles to the Web, but there are a few bumps along the way. But why Miles and not Peter? And who re-wove the Web in the first place? These questions are answered in the first issue of this six issue mini-series.

Being a huge fan of Into the Spider-verse, and the all ages Marvel Action: Spider-Man, I had to grab this issue. And it looks like its going to be a fun mini-series. There are infinite possibilities of new Spiders and new Worlds to explore. And Mile being at the center of it all provides a fresh Spider Story.

Miles gets the call from Spider-Zero


Writer: Jed MacKay Artist: Juan Frigeri & Carlos Lopez & More
Colors: Multiple Letters: Joe Sabino

Spider-Verse #1

Miles is busy taking down 8-Ball when his spidersense goes crazy. Then there is a voice calling his name from another Universe. Spider-Zero explains that Miles is needed in the Spider-Verse and they are about to bring him to the Web of Life and Destiny. But its not that easy and there are some pit stops along the way.

The first place is a New York where there are gangs and gang wars. Miles lands in the middle of a Spider-Gang, who is going after a Goblin Gang. Then he gets a quick team up with a Spider-Man in a fight against the Universal Church of Truth. Later, there is an Earth where mutants are the only thing left after many wars and nuclear fall out. But the final destination is a Spider-Planet.

Spider-Zero explains that Annie May Parker re-wove the Web. But now she is missing. And with Miles, Spider-Zero, and Annie May being the new generation of the Spider-Verse, its up to them to save the Web. The Web of Life and Destiny has a sickness that is spreading. And unless they can find Annie May, they may not be able to stop it.

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