Relics of Youth #2

Relics of Youth 2

The seven are in deep trouble on the island as a psychotic woman closes in on them in Relics of Youth #2. The Yacht is gone and they are trapped. But if they can all work together, maybe they can find a way out. They just have to not freak out on each other. But it’s a little hard when being attacked by undead conquistadors.

I’m liking this series so far. There’s a lot of sci-fi and mystery and maybe even some super powers. There a little more PG-13 language in this one. But it would be hard to have a sci-fi/horror story with teens and young adults with no language. The art is fantastic and the story is gripping.

They don't believe what Nat saw


Writer: Matt Nicholas & Chad Rebmann Artist: Skylar Patridge
Colors: Vladmir Popov Letters: Andworld Design

Relics of Youth #2

The group retreats back to the jungle when they find the yacht is blown up. They quickly get lost and start to turn on Nat. They get separated into groups of two when the undead attack. But at least they are in pairs so no one is alone. But as they are attacked, everyone gets some sort of super power. And to survive, they are probably going to need them.

Nat’s power is apparently seeing and talking with the ghostly woman. Derek can move things with his mind and create some sort of energy explosion. Mia can turn invisible.  Garret can turn objects and presumably people into sand. Blake can use the strengths of animals. And finally, Tristan hears voices guiding her and can control plants.

Cleat captures Mia and Garret. But he doesn’t tell his leader Serena. It looks like he has other plans on finding out what is so special about the island. Nat gets herself and Derek to a temple and learns more about the past of the island.

The conquistadors came in search of the fountain of youth and other relics. And the group has been chosen as the descendants of the original inhabitants. They are given powers to protect the island and other relics. But they will have to come together quickly before Serena and Cleat find them first.

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