Relics of Youth #1

Relics of Youth 1

A group of young adults are brought together by strange dreams and matching tattoos in Relics of Youth #1. An island calls to all six of them. But they must first overcome their own disbelief and skepticism to move forward. Nat brings the six together to try and find answers. And the unlikely bond the have is enough to start their journey.

I picked this one up because I really liked the cover. So far, I’m glad I did. I’m a sucker for mystery and science fiction and this title feels like its going to bring both. Issue #1 was a good pace. It introduced us to all the main characters and got the adventure started quickly. I’m sure there is a ton more to learn about each of the six. And I can’t wait to find out what is in store for each of them. There is some PG-13 language in case you wanted to know but nothing mature.

Major spoilers ahead so go buy the issue if you’re interested in reading.

Derek Forge introduction


Writer: Matt Nicholas & Chad Rebmann Artist: Skylar Patridge
Colors: Vladmir Popov Letters: Andworld Design

Relics of Youth #1

Nat Rodriquez is leading the whole adventure by first contacting others who are experiencing the same things. They all have tattoos that showed up mysteriously. And the all have dreams and visions of an island they have never seen before. Derek Forge is a cancer patient that seems to be a true believer. His love of 80’s movies makes him my favorite.

Tristan Lee is the youngest and escaping her perfectionist father. Mia Shaw is a former child star turned play actress. She is the biggest skeptic of the group. Garret Evans is the trust fund baby but he’s paying for the whole adventure so there is that. And lastly, Blake Howard is becoming a third generation soldier. He doesn’t really think that’s what he wants to be though.

The Island

When the group is together, their tattoos begin to glow. Then when they get near the water, they seem to point in a direction. So wasting no time, they get on Garret’s family yacht and head toward the Bermuda Triangle. It’s not easy, but they arrive after a huge storm. Deep within the island they find a lost city.

Nat is contacted by a ghostly woman and led deeper into the jungle. She finds out that the island is a bridge between worlds and a place of ancient power. Unfortunately for the group, more people have found the island. And the woman leading this other group ruthlessly kills their yacht staff and blow the yacht up.

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