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Hell Mouth #1 of 5

Hell Mouth 1

Drusilla has activated the Hell Mouth by stabbing Spike with a ritual dagger in Hell Mouth #1. Now she only has to make it to the High School and sacrifice a human to open it. But Angel is in town and Buffy is already at the School so there is a chance to stop her. But they may need some help from Anya or others to keep the Hell Mouth closed.

This is the first crossover event for the new Buffy and Angel Universe. And it was an action packed race against time. The characters are all new and the story refreshed to attract a new audience. But fans of the Buffyverse should still enjoy both series. This five issue miniseries will also include issues from the main comics and last until February 2020.


Writer: Jordie Bellaire & Jeremy Lambert Artist: Eleonora  Carlini
Colors: Cris Peter Letters: Ed Dukeshire

Hell Mouth #1

Angel is already at the High School in preparation for Drusilla. But once the gate is activated, all hell literally breaks loose. Buffy escapes to the library to get instructions from Giles. But in wasting that time. Drusilla has a chance to open the Hell Mouth before they arrive.

Angel leads the way to the gate as Buffy gets her friends to lead the other students out of the School. But they are too late. By the time Angel and Buffy arrive, Drusilla has made her sacrifice. The team has still not figured out that Robin is playing for the side of evil. And it was likely him that provided the girl for Drusilla.

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