Angel #5

Angel 5

Angel catches up to Gunn in Angel #5. Gunn has been live-streaming inspirational speeches before he goes out to hunt the things that lurk in the darkness in LA. But given what Gunn has been through, it may be hard for him to accept Angel. A monster hunter choosing to work with a monster (even former monster) could be a hard sell. But Lilith believes he can help Angel save the world.

I absolutely love what Hill and Melnikov have going here. The new take on the characters is very refreshing. It’s not trying to be the show with modern improvements. This series is it’s own thing, and it is extremely good. Melnikov’s are is amazing. I would encourage any fans of sci-fi/horror to pick this series up. Even if you never saw the show.

Gunn's live-stream


Writer: Bryan Edward Hill Artist: Gleb Melnikov
Colors: Roman Titov Letters: Ed Dukeshire

Angel #5

We start with Gunn doing his live-stream speech before heading out hunting. The backstory is set up nicely. He and his friend were attacked by a vampire named Lukas when they were little. Gunn’s friend was killed but he got away. He has been hunting Lukas ever since in LA.

Angel shows up as Gunn is fighting several Vampires. He quickly takes out all three, hoping this will convince Gunn that he is one of the good guys before he reveals he is a vampire. Gunn makes no bad judgments and agrees to let Angel buy him a burger. He later accepts Angels offer to work with him and Fred as Angel goes to Sunnydale to help stop the Hellmouth from opening.

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