X-Men #1

X-Men #1

The Dawn of X has arrived in the new series, X-Men #1. Following the events of Powers of X and House of X, the X-Men have created a whole new world. But the fight is not over. And the humans have more up their sleeves. Even with the Forge destroyed. The humans have a plan to fight back.

I’m a pretty big X-Men fan that has been absent since like Uncanny #300 or so. I did read X-Men Red and other more recent series. So this re-boot or re-thinking came at a perfect time. So if you love the X-Men but have not be an active reader, now is the time to jump in. I only want to know where Nightcrawler is going to be in all the new X-Books.

The X-Men free other mutants


Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Leinil Francis Yu & Gerry Alanguilan
Colors: Sunny Gho Letters: Clayton Cowles

X-Men #1

Magneto, Cyclops, Polaris and Magneto are on an assault of an Orchis Stronghold. Yes Magneto and Cyclops working together is a thing in this new dawn. The mission is to free the mutants that are imprisoned there. The scientists working at the stronghold appear to turn themselves into ape to fight the X-Men. But they are easily successful in freeing the other Mutants.

One of the beings detained in the stasis tubes is not a mutant at all thought. She appears to be a post-human machine hybrid that is not quite in it’s final form. She claims to be not fully cooked and disappears before they can question her more. I’m sure we will see more from her later.

Back in Krakoa, we get to see the Summer’s house on the moon. Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Havok, Vulcan, Cable and Rachel live together. The house also serves as a tactical base from which the X-Men can launch operations from the moon. Plus the view is amazing.

But the humans at the Forge have completed their funerals. And they apparently are not content to accept defeat. The Forge seems to have been just an experiment. They have further plans for the future. And Doctor Gregor thinks she has a way to bring her husband back.

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