No One Left to Fight #4

No One Left to Fight 4

Our heroes have arrived at their destination in No One Left to Fight #4. Or have they. A mysterious mist surrounds them and they cannot seem to find their way. Timor has trouble adjusting to their surroundings. And Vale may have just found some peace. But the mysterious villain may disrupt everything.

No One Left to Fight is an excellent series so far. The world created is amazing. With fish and whales flying in the sky. All types of strange animals and other beings. Magic and future technology seem to combine. But the peaceful world may have war rumbling under the surface.

The group arrives


Writer: Aubrey Sitterson Artist: Fico Ossio
Colors: Fico Ossio Letters: Taylor Esposito

No One Left to Fight #4

Krysta, Vale and Timor arrive at what should be Quon and Kaya’s cabin. But with the heavy mist around, they cannot see it. As they are about to give up. Quon and Kaya appear from within the mist. Kaya is none to happy to see their old friends. But they all calm down and Quon reveals the cabin.

They later all settle in and begin to enjoy each other’s company. But the evil villain that was stalking the three heroes as the left home appears to disrupt everything. And in doing so, he raises an old foe, Bruton. He also casts doubts on whether Vale has told the truth. Next issue, there is someone left to fight.

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