Firefly #10

Firefly #10
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The Browncoats are trying to restart the war and the Unificators are very happy to oblige in Firefly #10. They are all back at Serenity Valley. At site that saw many people on both sides killed. All Zoe wants is to get Mal back safe and sound. But everyone else wants revenge for their fallen soldiers.

Being a huge fan of the show makes me enjoy these issues more and more. Its hard to tell how long they can keep this series going with a defined and limited time span to work with. If you watched the show and the movie, you know where this all leads. But getting new stories of some of my favorite characters makes each issue special.

Zoe trying to talk down a war


Writer: Greg Pak Artist: Dan McDaid
Colors: Joana Lafuente Letters: Jim Campbell

Firefly #10

Both sides are ready to restart this war to get revenge. But the only thing that is going to get anyone is killed. Boss Moon continues to work with Mal to help make sure they both stay safe. But a group of Browncoats is killed as they were preparing to take over some local towns. It’s not until the Governor shows up that things start to look bad for both sides.

Mal gets the governor to agree to let him try and talk the Browncoats out of war. And it appears that at least some are listening. Until a ship shows up and starts firing on the Governors ship. But who else is on it but Mal’s own mother. Now she’s ready to try and win the are for good.

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