Fantastic Four #15

Fantastic Four 15
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The seven brave souls know by the people of Spyre as The Unparalleled are awaiting the return of alien invaders in Fantastic Four #15. Wait, is this a Fantastic Four comic? Then why am I reading about The Unparalleled? It turns out, the Fantastic Four are not the only people in the Universe to be effected by cosmic radiation. Now we meet the people that live on the planet that would have been the Fantastic Four’s first mission.

This was a pretty cool issue. A whole world with it’s own radiation powered heroes is built. If you missed the last issue, Reed and Johnny decided to rebuild the Marvel rocket to finally complete their first mission and visit another world similar to earth. And they are about to find out that it does indeed have life.

The Unparalleled


Writer: Dan Slott Artist: Paco Medina & Bob Quinn
Colors: Jesus Aburtov Letters: Joe Cramagna

Fantastic Four #15

So the team has rebuilt the Marvel rocket an launched the Marvel 2 toward their original destination. They have been to and created whole new universes, but they never completed the mission that turned them all into super heroes. But now they have set course to do just that.

At first we meet the people of Spyre. The planet that was originally believed to be similar to Earth. It is, and Spyre has their own cosmic radiation powered team. The Unparalleled do not have the same ideas about the Fantastic Four though. Their legends say that they are alien invaders, set to return and take over Spyre. So once they arrive, the Unparalleled go on the offensive.

Reed manages to get his universal translator working before the two sun powered heroes disintegrate them. But Ben is tossed into a place called Lowtown and there is something strange about the people of Spyre. And their hero team leader. They slap bracelets on them and tell them they cannot leave. Plus Johnny meets his soul mate.

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