Superman #16

Superman 16

The Super Sons are back together again in Superman #16. And Jon must decide whether he will join the Legion of Superheros or not. On one hand, he has already left his best friend and gotten stuck time. Now, after finally getting back, he may just leave again. It is a tough decision, but with time travel, there are so many possibilities.

This issue was enjoyable. But the whole possibility of breaking up the Super Sons for good is depressing. I’m not a huge fan of Jon’s fast aging, which would drive him and Damien apart anyway. And just a few issues after returning, he may leave again. This issue was really good, but I don’t know if I like the future that has been created from this whole story arc. The art was way different than other issues in the series. Really cartoony, but fits the issues. I liked it.

Damien vs Leviathan Goons


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: David Lafuente
Colors: Paul Mounts Letters: Dave Sharpe

Superman #16

Damien is fighting off Leviathan goons in Gotham. They use their tech to disappear just before Jon arrives. The initial exchange between the two is pretty entertaining. Jon gets hit by a bunch of batarangs and accused of being Leviathan. The two catch up and Jon tells Damien of the opportunity he has with the Legion.

Damien tells Jon he should do it. Well, in his own Damien way. The only condition is that Jon has to put in a word for him once he’s there. After a quick visit at the fortress with Superman, Saturn Girl shows up to get Jon’s decision. She show him a glimpse of her memories and he is convinced. She leaves a device for Superman to be able to call Jon back at any time. And so Jon Kent leaves to become a part of the Legion of Superheros.

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