Aero #4

Aero 4

Aero is in a race to save a ferry full of people from a strange vortex that appeared in the river in Aero #4. Plus she still has Zou Yu waiting back at the restaurant. She must figure out how to calm the vortex and still make it back for dessert. Or Zou Yu may never be ready to propose again. Also in this issue, Origins and Destinies features Wave and Aero after the events of War of the Realms.

Aero saving the ferry

I really like the characters of Aero and Wave, but I’m struggling with the story a bit. Like the other series featuring the Agents of Atlas, the issues are two parts. One character origin and then the other current events. But we don’t get much of either in each issue. The plots are a little slow moving because of that. I like the art in Origins and Destinies better than the Aero origin. The more manga style is a little distracting from the characters to me.

Aero and Wave meet Sea Hunter


Writer: Zhou Liefen & Greg Pak & Alyssa Wong Artist: Keng & Pop Mhan
Colors: Federico Blee Letters: Joe Caramagna

Aero #4

Aero is struggling to find a way to calm the vortex that is about to capsize the ferry. But even after she does, more appear out of nowhere. To make thing worse, Zhou Yu calls her worried that she has been gong so long. But as she calms the second threats, a crystal structure come out from under the river. And creatures spring out of the living crystal.

Aero and Wave meet a new super powered person in Sea Hunter. She claims to be another of AlonTech’s experiments. But she has been living under the sea with sirena’s since escaping. Now they wait for AlonTech to track them down so they can fight. Aero wants to involve Triumph Division, but Wave sees that as a lack of faith in her and Sea Hunter.

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