Sword Master #4

Sword Master 4

Part one of Sword Master #4, The Artifacts, has Lin Lie learning the truth about the sword’s origin. Part two, Master Class part 4, has Shang Chi and Lin Lie still dealing with Ares. In a vision, Lin Lie gets to witness the original user of the sword receive the weapon from their ancestors. Also he learns that there are two other weapons that are passed down through family lines. In Master Class, they must find a common ground with Ares against their shared enemy.

I’m really enjoying this series so far. The only thing I don’t like about the story itself is that it is a little short each issue. Since the issues are split between origin story and current story, it feels like we don’t get enough of either. But what we do get is really good stuff. I’m not a huge fan of manga style art. The action sequences to me get a little messy. But the art is still really good.

Lin Lie learns about the sword


Writer: Shuizhu & Greg Pak & Fonda Lee Artist: Gunji & Ario Anindito
Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg Letters: Travis Lanham

Sword Master #4

“The Artifacts” are the weapons that the gods of each tribe bestow to their chiefs. Only the chief of that weapons tribe can wield the weapon. And those weapons were used to defeat the demon Chiyou. Then each weapon was used to guard a piece of Chiyou’s body so that he could not join back together and reanimate. When Lin’s father found the sword, he thought of it only as an artifact. But unknowingly released the skull of Chiyou.

In “Master Class”, Lie and Shang Chi must find a way to work with Ares and the dwarf Orgarb. They all have the same goal in mind, stopping the hordes of Chiyou. But Ares wants to use the sword to help him defeat them. But only Lin Lie can use the sword. So they strike a deal that Lie will help Ares defeat the demon, and Ares will help Lie find out what happened to his father.

The question I still have is if Lin Lie’s father knew about the sword and it’s destiny. He specifically left it to Lin. So either the tribe of Fu Xi did not pass down the history and they were unaware of the destiny. Or they did and Lin’s father never told him. I feel like a big twist may be coming regarding Lin’s father.

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