Knights Temporal

Knights Temporal 3

August is faced with more questions than he is getting answers for in Knights Temporal #3. And Jane is not one for being forth coming. Their new found friend, Kerri, just wants to go home. But she may not be safe since Gaspard’s minions may have her scent. So she is probably better off staying with August and Jane. And that is not a very strong probably.

I am really enjoying this series. On Comixology it says rated 9+. There is some pretty gruesome fight scenes. The monsters are pretty gnarly as well. But it’s not a mature book by any means. If you’re a horror fan like me, I recommend going back and starting this series while it’s still pretty fresh. It’s well written and drawn and has a ton of mystery to it. Each issue leaves you excited about the next. Mild spoilers are ahead so turn back if you think you might go grab it.

August, Kerri and Jane


Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist: Fran Galán
Colors: Fran Galán Letters: Dave Sharpe

Knights Temporal #3

As  more and more is revealed about Jane and who she is, the more we see that nothing is as it seems. August was chosen to fight the Necromancer because he would not ask questions. Or at least that is what they thought. Until Kerri put the notion in his head that he should. After a visit to someone in a pawn shop, it looks like we have even more questions than before.

Then the appearance of another August that is trying to kill our main protagonist. We are confirmed that there are multiple Augusts over different times. And they are all connected. Only one can wield the sword at a time. Also, when one heals themselves, they actually harm another version. But the lines of good and evil are blurring and August may not be on as righteous a path as he believed.

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