Catwoman #16

Catwoman 16

Selina is at a crossroad in Catwoman #16. She is searching for the whereabouts of Raina Creel. This is after she was badly beaten by Creel several weeks earlier at the Lazarus Pitt. Selina has to pull herself together to exact her revenge. But she also needs to keep her sister in mind and not lose herself in pursuit of Creel. Plus there is the unknown of the offer extended to her by Luthor.

I enjoyed this issue. It was a little all over the place but seemed to come together nicely in the end. There were plenty of time jumps that went from several weeks in the past at the Lazarus Pitt to the present where Selina is tracking down Raina Creel. This is the first issue since the Hermosa Heat story arc. There is minor spoilers ahead so read at your own peril.

Catwoman vs Raina Creel


Writer: Joëlle Jones Artist: Joëlle Jones
Colors: Laura Allred Letters: Saida Temofonte

Catwoman #16

The time line can get confusing. But at least there are definitive markers and when panels are taking place. The Lazarus Pit defeat is interesting. I don’t think this was mentioned in any previous issues. Plus the offer from Luthor is still not totally known. Did Selina accept the offer or decline?

I don’t think they can have Selina turn villain now with the whole Batman story the way it is. But she did enter the Lazarus Pit while she was there. And she is acting pretty cold regarding Carlos and her sister. So we will have to see how the Pit effected her and what Luthor has planned.

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