Batman #81

Batman 81

The time has come for Batman and Catwoman to face off with the new rulers of Gotham City in Batman #81. City of Bane part 7 has some special bat-family guests and some interesting revelations. Thomas was given an order to kill Damien and display his body in the city. But Bruce is planning on him choosing to spare him. Now the heroes have to hope that the plan fall into place the way they hope.

Another issue with very little plot movement. It is a very good story, but it has taken so very long to get here it can be frustrating reading. But again, Tom King is killing it in sales. If you’re looking to start Batman now, you have two choices. Either go back to issue #75 and the beginning of City of Bane. Or you can wait until issue #86 and the new story and creative team. After that, Batman goes back to monthly (thank goodness) and Tom King continues with his Bat/Cat series.

Thomas and Damien


Writer: Tom King Artist: John Romita Jr & Mitch Gerads
Colors: Tomeu Morey & Mitch Gerads Letters: Clayton Cowles

Batman #81

The good thing is Damien and Batman had a plan from the beginning. So the entire Bat-family is waiting in the Batcave for Thomas. As soon as he hesitates, Damien frees himself an the rest of the family makes themselves know. But after the struggle, it appears that Thomas got the better of them all.

Also we get to see that Batman had a plan the whole time. The only thing that didn’t go as planned was the time on the mountain. But thankfully Catwoman showed to save him. He was on the mountain to get a cure for Gotham Girl. But that cure was on the way to Magpie to be sold to Bane. But now they have the cure and they are on the way to take on Bane. And I’m not totally sure that Alfred is dead. The bat-family thinks he is, but Batman states that Alfred escaped. And Clayface has been informing Batman the entire time.

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