Batman #80

Batman 80

Batman and Catwoman are ready to re-enter Gotham city and begin their plan to take down Bane in Batman #80. Bruce has rested and healed enough. Selina has trained with him to sharpen his skills. Now they must execute their plan. Phase one, disrupt Bane’s supply chain has taken place. They attacked Magpie and her shipments. Now they have to hope their plan will work.

If I’m honest, the story is still moving at a snail’s pace. It was not a bad issue by any means. But there’s not a lot of plot movement. And it’s hard to complain when Tom King is still selling out every issue. And at least Batman is almost back to his normal self. If you’re looking to jump into Batman right now, your best bet is to at least go back to the beginning of City of Bane. Otherwise, issue #86 will be from a new creative team and start a new arc.

Batman returns to Gotham


Writer: Tom King Artist: John Romita Jr & Klaus Janson
Colors: Tomeu Morey Letters: Clayton Cowles

Batman #80

I’m glad to see Batman is finally back to beating up villains instead of getting beat up by them. Pyg and Two Face are the first to see he’s back. Catwoman is also taking out some “uniformed officers” while they begin their assault. Gotham Girl is dying and Thomas vows to kill Bruce for it. Once they all realize Batman is back, the orders come for Thomas to kill Damien. Knowing he cannot get into the mansion in time, Bruce must wait for his father’s decision.

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