Amazing Spider-Man #31

Amazing Spider-Man 31
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Spider-Man is fighting for his life in Amazing Spider-Man #31. This second part of the Absolute Carnage Tie-In has Peter defending Dylan Brock and Normie Osborn from Carnage. Or at least Norman Osborn controlled by the symbiote. But beaten badly, he must dig deep to save the sons of Eddie Brock and Harry Osborn from this monster. And his mind keeps wandering to his past failures. He must put all that behind him and fight with all he has.

I’m not getting pulled into the entire Absolute Carnage story that is spread over multiple titles and multiple issues. But this two part Tie-In did a pretty good job at standing alone. So I really don’t feel the need to get all the issues associated with the event. But if you’re a completionist and must have the whole story, its a good idea to go back to the August issues of Absolute Carnage #1 and #2. But if you’re just wanting to read Amazing Spider-Man, you don’t need to get the others to understand what’s going on. Some spoilers ahead.

Norman confronts Peter


Writer: Nick Spencer Artist: Ryan Ottley & Cliff Rathburn
Colors: Nathan Fairbairn Letters: Joe Caramagna

Amazing Spider-Man #31

There’s a lot going on in this two part tie-in. We have the return of Kindred, who is harassing Norman Osborn in the insane asylum. I thought he was the one who set Norman free but I don’t know about that now. Norman thinks he is Cletus Kasady but still is aware of Norman’s voice inside his head. Peter’s reminded of his past failures with Harry and Gwen and that almost gets him killed.

The end of the issue has Kindred talking to Norman in his cell. During the exchange, we get some clues to Kindred’s identity. Norman reveals that one of the voices he identifies as Norman Osborn talks louder when Kindred is around. He also says how much he is proud of Kindred. So it seems very likely that Kindred is Harry Osborn. Or at least a version of him that died and has been harboring hate in Hell.

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