Oblivion Song #20

Oblivion Song 20
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In Oblivion Song #20, Nathan is still recovering in the hospital. And all the Oblivion survivors have been captured by the Faceless Men. It was revealed that there are different factions of the Faceless Men and at least one of them is intent on experimenting on humans. Often proving to be fatal.

I love this series. The world of Oblivion is so unique and interesting. And the characters are absolutely relatable. I mean, if you can relate to people that saw the world split open and merge with an alternate reality. But the good guys are not all good and the bad guys, well, they aren’t all bad. Everyone has a reason to be doing what they are doing. Spoilers ahead so be warned.

Dane eating what ever that is.


Writer: Robert Kirkman Artist: Lorenzo De Felici
Colors: Annalisa Leoni Letters: Rus Wooton

Oblivion Song #20

This is another great issue. Nathan survived being stabbed in the chest. And he is recovering quickly, but no quickly enough to help with the mission to save the captured survivors. Ed leads Marco to where the Faceless Men’s base is. But Ed goes crazy and tries to save everyone himself.

Lucy keeps her optimism, not knowing that the Faceless Man that promised to help them escape is actually killing humans. So when he shows up to their cell again to collect Lucy and the baby, she is totally unaware. The military on Earth has agreed to help rescue the human in Oblivion. But they have to hurry if Lucy is going to be saved.

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