The Flash #80

The Flash 80

Barry and Iris must find Hunter Zolomon and Steadfast quickly in The Flash #80. Or Zolomon will gain control of the Still Force and summon the Black Flash. With Fuerza stashed away in the Strength Force, Steadfast’s safety has become Barry’s top priority. Plus Avery and Kid Flash return to Iron Heights to track down Trickster. But what they find is a lot more trouble than they bargained for.

I enjoyed this issue a bit. Iris is kind of annoying me, I’m not going to lie about that. But there is not a lot of fluff and there is a decent cliff hanger at the end to make you anxious to see what’s next. If you’re looking to start reading The Flash, you may want to go back to the beginning of Death and The Speed Force. It started around issue #75. But there is still a ton of story you missed out on before then. Comixology might be a good bet to get caught up even more.

Black Flash vs Barry


Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Scott Kolins
Colors: Luis Guerrero Letters: Steve Wands

The Flash #80

Barry and Iris have to find out where Zolomon took Steadfast. And to do so, they visit the site where all the A.R.G.U.S. were moved after Leviathan attacked. Whatever they found in those files must have spooked both of them. But Iris figured out where he would go.

Kid Flash and Avery arrive at Iron Heights hoping to find Trickster. But what they find is Captain Cold and the other Rogues with their upgraded Luthor weapons. Not sure what to do, they stall and wait before attacking.

Iris is still going on and on about having a long talk about Wally. But the main priority now is stopping Zolomon from controlling the still force. Unfortunately he still absorbs it’s power from Steadfast and his plan to attract the Black Flash works. But Barry has to jump in front of the Black Flash to save Zolomon. I know that’s what Barry is supposed to do and all, but come on. Just let the Black Flash have him.

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