The Flash #79

The Flash 79
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In The Flash #79, Barry has already lost one of the other Force Users when the Black Flash killed Psych. Now he must figure out a way to keep the others safe. Fuerza and Steadfast’s best shot at staying alive may be to get as far away as possible. But being on their own could prove to be just as deadly.

This was a good issue. But there was not a ton of plot movement. The story, while entertaining, did stall a little bit. But there is a ton of story-lines developing as well. Kid Flash and Avery are still rounding up the Rouges. And Iris is back with some not so great timing. Minor spoilers ahead so go ahead and click a link and grab a copy if you have not read it yet.

Steadfast and Fuerza break free


Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Rafa Sandoval & Jordi Tarragona
Colors: Arif Prianto Letters: Steve Wands

The Flash #79

With Psych dead, the Speed Force is now stronger. So keeping the other Force Users safe just got a lot harder. And the only real plan Barry has is to get Fuerza and Steadfast as far away from himself and the Black Flash as he can. Fuerza enters the Strength Force with Commander Cold, but Hunter shows up and takes Steadfast before Barry can find somewhere to stash him.

Iris also shows up and complicates things. Significant others in superhero comics are always frustrating for me. It’s always back and forth between being together no matter what and can’t be with a superhero.

Also, Captain Cold has a plan that isn’t what Luthor recruited him for. Plus he convinces his sister to join them. I feel a show down with Kid Flash and Avery is coming. And I’m not sure they will be ready for what Captain Cold has in store.

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