Powers of X #6

Powers of X 6

Powers of X #6 is the conclusion of the Powers of X/House of X introduction to the Dawn of X. It explains a lot of the story so far and sets up the future. Some of the missing pieces of the generations of mutants and lives of Moira are filled in. And it appears that mutants have a plan to change the outcome that has been inevitable for every life Moira has lived.

This is once again a must read if you want to jump in on the future of the X-Men universe. It’s the last of the 12 issue dual mini-series so if you’re late to getting in on this series, you’ll want to go back to House of X #1 and get caught up. I personally cannot wait until Dawn of X and the new X-Books. This is going to be a good fresh start and soft reboot of the X-Men that will have a united mutant race.

Mild spoilers are ahead so be warned.

Moira and Xavier


Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artist: R.B. Silva & Pepe Larraz
Colors: Marte Gracia & David Curiel Letters: Clayton Cowles

Powers of X #6

This is the issue I had been waiting for in the Powers of X series. The 1000 years of X is finally explained. And the current timeline is set up to go forward in the Dawn of X. The entire time loop has come together in Mutant-kind’s last chance to change the inevitable future.

I’m pretty happy with the way this series concluded. I’m a little confuse on the specifics of how everything fell into place. The sixth life of Moira is now revealed to be the timeline in which the machines and humans have merged and become the dominant species. And they intend on ending life on Earth by merging with the Phalanx. But Wolverine and Moira have different plans.

My biggest question is why Moira took three more lifetimes before coming to the conclusion that the current plan was the only way. Unless the lives of Moira are not in the exact order they took place. But its good to know that the 1000 year timeline is not as inevitable as it once seemed.

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