House of X 6

House of X #6

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In House of X #6, the mutants establish their nation. The terms  of their sovereignty are laid out by Xavier to the humans. And the Quiet Counsel is formed and begins the business of creating mutant laws. Their first order of business is to pass judgement on Sabretooth. He disobeyed orders and killed many humans in House of X #1 and is now set to face mutant justice. This is the beginning of mutant domination of the Earth. For better or worse.

This is the issues that gets you really excited for the new lineup of X-Men books. The first of which, X-Men #1, is out on October 16th. These issue are must reads if you want to follow the future of the X-Men. There are some mild spoilers ahead so if you want to read the issue first, click a link and go grab it.

Mutant Counsel


Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Pepe Larraz
Colors: Marte Gracia & David Curiel Letters: Clayton Cowles

House of X #6

This is not an action packed issue with a big twist or anything. But it is setting up the future of X-Men brilliantly. All mutants will be united, but not necessarily against humans. They will just govern and care for their own. Humans will be rewarded for acknowledging their sovereignty with the Krakoan drugs.

The new line up of X-Books is set up nicely. They have a lot of work to do with establishing mutant laws and punishments. There is also a missing counsel member that has yet to be revealed. There should be 3 seats in Emma Frosts’ Spring division. But the name of the third person was redacted. And in the panels the seat was empty.

The Quiet Counsel’s first judgement is passed on Sabretooth. He is exiled to stasis inside Krakoa until an opportunity arises for him to redeem himself. There are three laws established by the counsel. First is that mutants cannot kill humans unless in defense of Krakoa. The second is that all must respect their sacred land. This means that if mutants wish to own land they must do so outside Krakoa. And the last was introduced by Nightcrawler via the Bible. Make more mutants.

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