The Flash #78

Flash 78

Barry has all the force users together with the Black Flash after them in The Flash #78. But Psych, the sage force user, would rather not work together. He believes he can hid from death as it comes for Fuerza and Steadfast. But any time they use their powers, the Black Flash can track them. And death cannot be stopped. So they must find another way to keep the themselves safe, even if it means the death of the speed force.

Credits and Thoughts

The Flash #78, “Death and the Speed Force”, is written by Joshua Williamson and penciled by Rafa Sandoval. The art is great, with Fuerza quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. I do have to wonder why Weather Wizard is still naked though. I feel like he has had plenty of time to find some pants. This current arc has been really intense. It feels like an almost impossible situation. I can’t wait to see how Williamson is going to conclude this story.

The Flash ponders death

The Flash #78 – *SPOILERS*

Psych is using mind control on Steadfast, making him attack Barry and Fuerza. His ill-advised plan is to lure the Black Flash to them while he gets away. Barry breaks the mind control with a lightning blast, but Psych still manages to get away. Plus he is using his powers to mask his location from the Flash team. They have to regroup back in Central City and formulate a plan to stop the Black Flash. Unfortunately, the only one they can come up with is to keep the force users safe until the speed force dies. Which will mean no more Flashes, including the Black Flash.

The Flash 752 The Flash

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Meanwhile, Leonard Snart and the other Rogues pay a visit to Mirror Master. Living it up in California with more money than he could ever want, Mirror Master is not interested in rejoining the Rogues. But Snart is more looking for his sister than recruiting Sam. But she left him to use her money for good. So for now, whatever Snart has planned is on hold until he finds his sister. This is the part with a still naked Weather Wizard. The funny thing is, Snart tells Sam to put on some pants. At least Sam is wearing a bathing suit.

With the only plan Barry can come up with, they see a spike in the speed force. There is some debate on Fuerza and Steadfast coming with him, but Commander Cold slaps power dampeners on them. So Barry heads out alone to try and save Psych. But with the speed force dying, he struggles to make it in time. He finds Psych on a train, but so does the Black Flash. By the time Barry reaches him, the Black Flash has drained his life force. Next issue is the death of the sage force.

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