Superman #15

Superman 15

Superman #15 picks up where we left the House of El on Thanagar. The Legion of Superheroes has come from the future to celebrate and recruit Jon Kent. They problem is, the Legion arrived before anyone had agreed to anything. With Jon’s idea for a United Planets, he has apparently shaped the future of the entire galaxy. But if he does choose to go with the Legion to the future, how can Superman handle loosing his son again?

Credits and Thoughts

This issue is the second part of the Unity Saga conclusion. It is written by Brian Michael Bendis with Ivan Reis penciling. Reis has his work cut out for him with the massive amount of heroes to drawn in the Legion. Not to mention all the Thanagarians and Khunds that were already present. It was really fun to study the spreads and see all these creations and wonder about their story. This was also a good conclusion to the arc. I was a little on edge the whole issue, waiting for something to fall apart. We will see if there are any repercussions for these events in the future.

Legion of SuperheroesSuperman #15 – *SPOILERS*

The Legion of Superheroes has arrived to celebrate Unity Day. The day when the United Planets idea was adopted on Thanagar. The idea of Jon Kent to help end planetary wars by way of diplomacy. The only problem is, Brainiac 5 has brought them four minutes too early. So noone has actually agreed to anything yet. This is were I started to worry that this miscalculation would hurt the Unite Planets from ever forming. But the vote is unanimous in favor. Jon decides to not join the Legion, at least not right away. He will have to convince Lois. Plus, he wants to get back an see Damien again. It will be interesting to see the Supersons back together and see where these events are in the Batfamily timeline.

Rogol Zaar in imprisoned in stasis. And Adam Strange has arrived to give Superman the news of Jor-El. Jor-El has a hand in creating the genetically modified monster that is Rogol Zaar. So the punishment for his crimes is pretty harsh. The decision of the council was to send Jor-El back in time to the moment Krypton exploded. I wonder what consequences this will have in the future. But with Jor-El dead, the Houses of Zod and El are seemingly united. Zod promises to start a new Krypton outpost that he will grow. With Superman’s blessing, a new Krypton will be born. And the House of El heads back home.

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