Invisible Woman #3

Invisible Woman 3
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Susan Richards is still in pursuit of her former spy partner Aidan Tintreach in Invisible Woman #3. She has teamed up with Black Widow and found a lead that she never knew about. Tintreach had a wife in Ireland. As the trail leads her to find Colleen Tintreach, we can be sure that nothing in the spy game is ever as it seems. All the Invisible Woman can hope for is that its not a dead end.

Credits and Thoughts

Issue #3 is written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Mattia De Iulis. I can’t say enough about how much I love this artwork. It’s smooth and simple in the way it is character focused. The backdrops are detailed and beautiful but do not distract from the characters. Its very much a spy comic as opposed to a superhero comic, it just so happens that the Invisible Woman is an awesome superhero. I like that the people are drawn like normal people. No exaggerated characteristics. The story is great too. Its Sue Richards as I have never thought of her before. She shines in her solo mission apart from the Fantastic Four. This is a five issue series to be sure to pick it up from the beginning or grab the collection once the series is over.
Sue Richards changing form

Invisible Woman #3 – *SPOILERS*

So the CIA is aware that Sue is not with the Fantastic Four and likely seeking out Aidan Tintreach. Black Widow is on clean up duty after their encounter with Changdao. She tracks down Colleen Tintreach in Ireland and surprises her in her kitchen. It appears that Colleen is unaware of what Aidan does for a living and who Sue is in regard to the FF. But of course its all a ruse as Colleen is actually Colleen Graymar, a retired Directorate of Military Intelligence. And the whole marriage is a cover for Aidan. Sue gets a lead to an Italian Tech Manufacturer, Vetivier,  in Italy. But not before Enemy Argent shows up. He uses some sort of sonic device and almost gets the better of Sue. But she turns everyone invisible, making them afraid to shoot.

Invisible Woman 3Invisible Woman

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In Italy, Sue disguises herself as an Italian art connoisseur for an exhibit hosted by Vetivier. Sue notices it will be impossible to get to Vetivier with her guards around her. So she distracts the guests with a disappearing painting and gets her alone. There’s more lies about Vetivier being a victim of the Moravians who have kidnapped her husband. Sue notices no ring and a good trying to sneak attack, but he didn’t plan for the invisible force field. But Vetivier has a trick of her own. Another sonic devices incapacitates her. But they don’t want to kill her. Aidan shows up and explains that they need her help.

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