House of X #3

House of X 5

House of X #5 takes us back to the beginning of House of X. After the devastating events of the previous issue, it was hard to see a way forward. But now we have a clearer picture of the whole story. A lot of questions are answered and even more remain. With only three issues left in the House of X/Powers of X series, we can start to see what the future holds for the X-Men.

Credits and Thoughts

Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz continue with this issue of House of X on writing and art respectively. Larraz is excellent with his character design. And he has a lot of characters to draw in this issue. Seeing the vision of Hickman come together is really exciting. Its a must read going forward for any X-Men fan. Its also good for anyone who may want to jump in now as the history and future come together. If you are new to the X-Men, you will probably not catch all the references and details but you can still enjoy the story.

To me my X-MenHouse of X #5 – *SPOILERS*

There is a lot going on here. Last issue had seven X-Men killed on a mission to destroy a Mother Mold Sentinel. This AI infused forge would have eventually become Nimrod and wiped out most mutants. With a very intricate plan, Xavier is able to bring back the seven. Five mutants in Krakoa are able to combine their powers to create clones, with Professor X putting their consciousness back psychically. It has all been building to this moment.

First Favio Medina has the power to create Golden Eggs made of biological matter. Proteus used his reality warping powers to make the eggs viable. They were then injected with the DNA of each mutant that was lost. This is of course possible thanks to Xavier convincing Sinister to catalog all mutant DNA. Then, Elixir is able to start the process of cellular replication in the eggs. Eva Bell uses her time manipulation to speed things up. But in the end, it is Hope that is able to unify their powers and create the cloned bodies of the fallen X-Men. As they emerge from their eggs, Xavier calls them to himself and implants their consciousness in their minds.

Is this ethical?

Now this opens up a ton of questions. Like are we, in our essence, just our memories? Can we really say that these duplicates are indeed their former selves, just with a new body? There is also a question about what makes up a person’s soul. Hickman seems to say yes, this is Cyclopes, Wolverine, Jean and the rest. They are just resurrected. So now they have rules set in place for resurrecting mutants. They must be confirmed dead. No assuming. And they have yet to agree on the depowered mutants and what to do about that. The goal being to resurrect every mutant killed at Genosha and by other extermination attempts within ten years.

On top of the successful resurrection process, Ema Frost has managed to secure Krakoa’s sovereignty as a Mutant Nation. And with that, comes the migration of every mutant to a home in Krakoa. This includes Apocalypse and all mutants previously thought of as villains. Wolverine understandably has his doubts about including Apocalypse. But in the end, his goal was always to establish mutant dominance. And with the sovereignty of a nation, and the ability to resurrect any dead mutant, Xavier has done that.

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