Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 12
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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12 is the beginning of a new arc and it looks like this is about to get really exciting. Last issue gave us the Friendly Neighborhood Mary Jane. It was an awesome look in a day in her life. With the Helminth saga behind him, Spider-Man is now a target in a couple of assassination attempts. So he’s going to need some help in finding out who is behind this. And he’s going to get help from all over the neighborhood

Credits and Thoughts

This issue has some different art with Pere Perez and Tom Taylor continues to write. Taylor is absolutely brilliant again here. This is one of my favorite comics to read. We get the answer to the question as to if Tom Taylor is going to kill Spider-Man. Perez does a great job with the art as well. The action is drawn well with some cool spider-sense sequences. Each issue of this book just reinforces my love for this series.

Spider-Man and the boat fireFriendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12 – *SPOILERS*

First things first, no, Tom Taylor does not kill Spider-Man. At least not in this issue. But the world does think that he’s dead. During a follow up appointment with May’s doctor (its good news btw), Peter notices a boat fire. Struggling through his inability to define irony, the boat fire turns into an ambush. The news reports that Spider-Man didn’t survive give Peter the time to formulate a plan to find the perpetrator. Once he does, he threatens to inject him with his Spider-Venom (which doesn’t exist). Or he can give up information on the people who hired him.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 13 Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

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By pretending to be dead for a bit, and with a little help from NYPD Detective Sebbens, they find out that Under York is behind the attacks. For whatever reason the leader of the city under New York is trying to take out Spider-Man. And this was his third attempt. Detective Sebbens advises Spider-Man to lay low for a while, but Peter can’t do that. Instead, he pays a visit to the Fantastic Four for help.

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