Firefly #9

Firefly 9

Mal and Boss moon have saved a base full of alliance troops from giant bugs in Firefly #9. But that doesn’t stop the troops from turning on both of them. Zoe has gather a group of former Browncoats to got help save Mal. But they are looking to restart a war that Mal and Zoe are ready to put behind them. Wash and Inara are working on a way to bring Mal and Zoe back. But it gets complicated before the plan can fall into place.

Credits and Thoughts

Greg Pak writes the issue and Dan McDaid illustrates. I like McDaids style for Firefly. Its rough with a lot of harsh lines. The colors by Marcelo Costa are very dark for most of the issue. It all adds to the “wild west in space” theme of Firefly in general. I like what Greg Pak has done with this series. He definitely is restricted on what he can do, since this story take place in a defined universe. And he has to work in a period of time where we know the beginning and end already. But he really does a good job telling new stories for the crew of Serenity.

Mal and Boss Moon trappedFirefly #9 – *SPOILERS*

As the troops they just saved turn on them, Boss Moon lets the giant bugs into the bass. Her and Mal escape to a ship and get off world. This foils Inara’s plan to pardon Mal with the help of a governor she knows. The reason being that Mal is not willing to let Moon get locked up after they have found some common ground. All would be ok if the Unificators and Browncoats that Zoe has attracted could just stand down.

Firefly 15Firefly

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Upon hearing that Boss Moon was wanted, a group of Unificators come to join Zoe and the Browncoats to save her. But some of the Browncoat captains refuse to work with them and open fire. They are quickly shot down by the Unificator ships. So Zoe escapes to go get Mal, but the Unificators follow and eventually pass her. As they all close in, the Browncoats shoot down the ship that Mal, Moon and some other Unificators are on. They land in Serenity Valley. The site of the battle that killed half a million people. It was the plan of the Unificators all along to bring everyone together there to restart the war.

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