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Batman 79
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Selina continues to help Bruce train and heal up in Batman #79. She has a plan in place to attack Bane and cripple his supply chain. There is also the constant debate they have going on about when they met. That is finally, I think, put to rest in this issue. As Bruce and Selina hit Bane for the first time since he took over the city, a lot of questions are answered.

Credits and Thoughts

Tom King continues to write with Clay Mann providing pencils. In City of Bane part 5, we finally see a health Bruce as he and Selina continue to train. Mann does a good job here setting the scenery with bright warm colors as the two are away from Gotham. The story is still a little slow. But its building up to the return of Batman to Gotham. The real Batman that is.

Bruce and SelinaBatman #79 – *SPOILERS*

I guess we will start with the debate. Bruce finally admits that it was the street where they first met. But he does say he was not fully who he was supposed to be yet. Also, it was good to see that the Magnum Pi look was just a disguise Bruce had so no one would notice. Now that they are both healthy an on the same page, they attack Magpie and stop her shipment of venom. The only message they leave for Bane is that they are together, and they are coming.

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Some of my biggest questions were answered here, but there is also another raised. First, this interlude with Bat/Cat on the beach occurred before Damien went into Gotham. In fact, we learn that it was Batman that sent Damien into Gotham. It was after he got a signal from Alfred saying he was ok. So the new question I have is if Alfred is really dead. If so, Batman’s plan, sending Damien into Gotham, must have went horribly wrong. But it has me thinking that they have some trickery going on if he waited for a signal from Alfred before sending Damien in. We should find out in the next issue as Bat/Cat strike back.

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