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Sword Master 3

Lin Lie gets help from a mysterious woman, demon hunter Ji Shuangshuang, in Sword Master #3. But this woman know about the sword and its origin. The first section, The Ancient War, dives into the sword that was left with Lin Lie when his father disappeared. The second section, Master Class, picks up with Shang-Chi and Lie confronted by the Greek God of War, Ares. But what could Ares want with an ancient Chinese sword?

Credits and Thoughts

Then Ancient War was written by Shuizhu with art by Gunji. With the story split up by having an origin and a post War of the Realms story, it feels like you get just a little of each. I would like to see the origin get it’s own dedicated book. Then we could get the Master Class story later. But they are both good stories. And the artwork is great for both. Lots of well drawn action sequences. And the character Ji reminds me of Tifa from FF7. Master Class is written by Greg Pak with art from Ario Anindito.

Ji shows Lin the swords power

Sword Master #3 – *SPOILERS*

Attacked by a demon, Lin Lie’s blood has activated his sword. But he is unable to control it. A demon hunter, Ji Shuangshuang, shows up just in time to help. Using her fists and the sword, she easily dispatches the demon. Lie understandably has many questions. So by stabbing him with the sword, Ji shows him it’s origin. The stories of the Chiyou being vanquished were all wrong. He was slaughtering everyone in his path. But the Yellow Emperor calls on the Three Sovereigns for help as humanities last stand against Chiyou.

Sword Master 9Sword Master

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In Master Class part 3, Ares has appeared in New York and gotten his hands on the sword. Shang-Chi and Lin Lie attempt to get it back. But Ares flicks them away like bugs before disappearing. Not to fret though because Shang-Chi has a plan. Ares wants the God-Killer sword for a purpose. But he doesn’t realize he cannot wield it to its potential without the Sword Master. So Shang-Chi and Lin Lie show up and make him an offer that will benefit them all.

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