Catwoman #15

Catwoman 15

Selina Kyle has been set-up, shot and nearly drowned in Catwoman #15. But now she knows who is behind it all and how she will get her revenge. She is in control of a file that could destroy the entire Villa Hermosa criminal underground. But she has promised it to the Gentleman Ghost for saving her life.

Credits and Thoughts

Hermosa Heat part 2 is written by Ram V and illustrated by Mirka Andolfo. The story and art are pretty good. There are some super unrealistic things going on here. I know its a little dumb to say about a Superhero comic but still. After getting shot by a sniper and nearly drowning, Selina just bandages herself up and goes after them. Its a bit of a stretch. But Selina is a bad woman and this two story arc was definitely entertaining.

Catwoman tracks down her shooterCatwoman #15 – *SPOILERS*

Selina is all bandaged up and ready to take down the criminal elite in Villa Hermosa. At her first stop, she is met by Lock-Up. He attempts to kill her by locking her in a metal room with a couple of grenades. It doesn’t make a ton of sense that she survives the grenade blasts but we’ll just go with it. She then extracts the information she needs about the bounty on her head from Lock-Up.

Catwoman #14 Artgerm Catwoman

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From there, Catwoman crashes a very expensive dinner with the elite crime families of Villa Hermosa. There is a fight sequence with Catwoman and a cyborg hench-woman. I would have liked to see how Selina ends up taking her down. But it skips to her throwing the metal arm on the table. Instead of turning the criminals over to the police, or getting some vigilante justice, she just walks out with the promise that blackmail awaits anyone who comes after her.

Selina later tricks Karen Rain, who is actually False Face, into think she/he’s got the drop on her. False Face was the sniper who shot Selina, nearly causing her to drown. Selina was tipped off by the security cameras where she faced of with Lock-Up. Here again, she lets False Face walk away. She wants to show the criminals of Villa Hermosa she’s capable of mercy. She also keeps her promise to Gentleman Ghost and hands over the files.

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