Who are the Other Detectives?

The Other Detectives

In DC’s 6-issue mystery thriller, Event Leviathan, we are introduced to a group of other detectives in issue #4. But if you’re not following along with other comics, you might miss who some of these guys are. You can read about what else when on in Event Leviathan #4 in the review but here we will focus on who were these other detectives. This does contain *SPOILERS* for the issue if you have not read it yet.

There is also the question of how Lois knows about these other detectives. And how long has she been working with them? And what does driving Batman’s Aston Martin have to do with anything? For those questions we will have to wait until the next issue. But for now, let’s find out who is also searching for Leviathan.

The Other Detectives

The Other Detectives

Ralph Dibny – The Elongated Man is too the far left of the panel. He is a superhero with powers similar to Plastic Man. Funny story about his creation is that the writers didn’t know DC had the rights to Plastic Man. So you get two heroes in DC that are very similar. He has long been an ally to the Flash.

John Constantine – The charismatic sorcerer has an adrenaline addiction and contacts that span the globe. Surely he knows somebody that knows something.

Harvey Bullock – He’s an actual detective from Gotham. Perhaps his skills can be put to good use on this team.

Zatanna – She is both a state magician and a practitioner in actual magic. Plus she is know for having a romantic relationship with Constantine.

Slade Wilson – Deathstroke is typically an enemy of the DC good guys. But his assassin skills and meta-powers could serve in the fight against Leviathan. He was also recently killed and possibly revived elsewhere so this could be someone in his suit.

Renee Montoya – Operating also as the Question, Vic Sage’s protege is also working on finding Leviathan.

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