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Tony Stark to return in Black Widow?


Its hard to believe that Robert Downey Jr would want to come back to the MCU after his emotional departure. But many outlets are reporting that he just might be reprising his role as Tony Stark. Its almost certain that the character will not be brought back to life. But these rumored appearances would not need Tony to rise from the dead.

Deadline: Robert Downey Jr to appear in Black Widow

According the Deadline, Tony Stark will be in the Black Widow movie set to release in May 2020. This comes as a single line in a post about Saturn Awards. But multiple other outlets have taken it and ran with it. So it does appear that we will see Iron Man in the Black Widow movie. Since this movie is reported to be set back after Civil War, there is no need for resurrections. It is unclear to what extend Tony will be in the movie.

You can watch the video from The Cosmic Wonder below.

Robert Downey Jr in Ironheart

In another rumor, We Got This Covered, reported over two months ago that RDJ could return as a voice actor for AI. In this rumor, a Disney Plus series featuring Ironheart would have Tony Stark’s voice as the artificial intelligence. If you’re unfamiliar with Ironheart, she has a comic series where she takes over for Tony. The character, Riri Williams, is a teenage genius who learns Stark’s technology and becomes a superhero in her own right. I have not seen any confirmations for any of this from Disney.

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