Oblivion Song #19

Oblivion Song 19
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Ed’s entire camp has been captured by the Faceless Men in Oblivion Song #19. Nathan barely escaped disaster after being stabbed in the chest. But he is recovering back in a Philadelphia hospital in issue #18. This issue has it’s focus on the Faceless Men and Keith’s role in their operations. What are they trying to accomplish by capturing and studying humans? And it appears Keith is not as in control as it seemed when we first saw him with the Faceless Men.

Credits and Thougts

The creative team of writer Robert Kirkman and artist Lorenzo De Felici continue with their creation Oblivion Song. The world they have created is amazing. I love the world design and the creatures who inhabit Oblivion. The story continues to progress at a great pace. There has not been a ton off filler in any issue. That holds true for Oblivion Song #19 as well. We get a good look at what these intelligent creatures called the Faceless Men are planning.

Captured humans in OblivionOblivion Song #19 – *SPOILERS*

The opening sequence is both brilliant and terrifying. We are introduced to a few of the captured humans. One man tries to comfort a mom and her baby.He acknowledging that the monsters are careful not to hurt them. And he is optimistic that they will not be harmed. Then one of the Faceless men shows up and tells him to come with him. He uses the pretense that he is freeing the man and he will come back for the rest. In reality, he takes the man outside and kills him in order to dissect and study him.

We later see this Faceless Man, Dakuul, confronted by the leader Lord Halaak for killing humans. It appears that there is division among the Faceless Men. They argue and threaten each other. Dakuul refuses to recognize Halaak as Lord. And he hates the fact that they use the human language. It appears that here are either different races or classes of Faceless Men. Dakuul representing the Ghozan. It is not clear of what Lord Halaak’s people are called. Dakuul settles that he will ensure that Halaak’s mission will be completed. But he will also continue his own experiments.

Keith is really torn about his role in their plans. On one hand he knows that the people they captured turned their backs on him and accused him of killing his wife and daughter. On the other, he knows they don’t deserve what is happening to them. Keith’s wife reminds him that if he doesn’t do what they say, he will lose everything. Keith is tasked by Lord Halaak to find a way for the Faceless Men to get to Earth. And with Dakuul using human subjects to find their strengths and weaknesses, it will not be a peaceful visit.

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