Batman #78

Batman 78
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Batman is awake and recovering with the help of Catwoman in Batman #78. City of Bane continues with part 4. After being beaten nearly to death by Bane and Thomas Wayne, Batman has to heal his battered body before he can get revenge. Catwoman knows where they need to start. Cut off Bane’s supply line in order to cripple his city. But can Bruce be the hero he needs to be with Selina back in his life.

Credits and Thoughts

Tom King’s run continues with this issue illustrated by Clay Mann. The pair will continue the Bat/Cat story after City of Bane concludes. Issue #78, like a few issues prior, sold out on release day. Everyone wants to see the caped crusader return to his former self. We are not there yet. This issue was really an interlude. I’m not sure where in time the events are compared to Batman #77. If this is after, I have to assume they don’t know what is going on. To me, this issue was a little unnecessary, but there are issue to fill and people wanted to see Bat and Cat back together. I just hope this doesn’t stretch multiple issues like the nightmare arc.

Bat and Cat togetherBatman #78 – *SPOILERS*

It’s not clear when this all takes place. Definitely after Catwoman found bruise have dead on a snowy mountain. I still have an issue with Batman being nearly killed by a couple of random thugs with a crowbar. But now they are on a beach training and recovering. It looks like two different time periods that jump back and forth. There is the relaxing, Tom Selleck mustache period and the training regular looking Bruce period. So it appears they have been there for a while.

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For most of the issue, the two keep their distance. They seem unsure if they can, or should, go back to the way things were before. It’s clear they both want to be together. But in the end, Bruce admits that his world is dust without Selina. So it appears that Bat and Cat will be together again. But they have to focus on Bane. I’m also very curious on when the news of the death of Alfred will reach them. Selina knows a lot about Bane’s operation so I assume he is not dead yet. These events must have happened while Bane was building up the city. I don’t think Damien has entered the city yet.

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