Amazing Spider-Man #29

Amazing Spider-Man 29

The Syndicate is no more and the FEAST center is now under the projection of lawyer Janice Lincoln, AKA the Beetle, in Amazing Spider-Man #29. Now that the Beetle is trying to walk the straight and narrow for her boyfriend Randy, Spider-Man gets a little reprieve. Mary Jane has received an incredible offer to act again. Thanks to her heroics at the theater to bring down Electro. Can Peter Parker and Mary Jan finally get things right here?

Credits and Thoughts

This issue titled, Arrivals/Departures, is written by Nick Spencer with Francesco Manna illustrating. It serves as an interlude with the Syndicate arc ending and Absolute Carnage around the corner. Its very well written and drawn. I like that it continues Mary Jane’s story. It is a little of the same old thing with Peter and Mary Jane’s relationship. I’m not sure how this leads into the Carnage tie-in. But it was a good filler story. The Ryan Ottley cover shows us a very bendy Spider-Man. Even for a superhero that position looks almost impossible.

Mary Jane and Peter rehearse.Amazing Spider-Man #29 – *SPOILERS*

So Mary Jane has an acting job in LA thanks to her impersonation of an old rival to fool Electro. But this means her and Peter will be separated until shooting is over. Peter could go with her but Doc Connors has already done so much to get him back into Empire State. It would be terrible to back out of that now. So they agree that MJ has to take the part and Peter has to stay in NY. But as Peter heads to the FEAST center to help Aunt May with some painting, and to get some free advise, he knows things always tend to go wrong about now. Aunt May explains to him that he already knows what he needs to do without her advice.

And before he can get back to take MJ to the airport, his newfound sister Teresa shows up. She need his help as one of her fellow former SHIELD agents has sent a distress signal. Peter reluctantly helps Teresa track down David Albrights signal location. Chameleon has kidnapped him in order to extract information and sell it to the highest bidder. They fight off the AIM agents but its too late. Albright is dead and Chameleon is gone.

Also, its too late for Peter to accompany Mary Jane to the airport before her plane takes off. They talk and know that these things just happen when you’re Spider-Man. But it is revealed that Aunt May had given Peter a ring when he visited. Had he made it back to her in time, he was going to propose. Thankfully it wasn’t like when Tobey Maguire was going to propose and he ended up kissing Gwen Stacy and ruining the whole thing.

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