Powers of X #4

Powers of X #4
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Powers of X #4 continues to reshape the past and future of the X-Men. In Something Sinister, Xavier and Magneto are teamed up. They pay a visit to Mister Sinister to make him a proposition. Cypher gets his introduction the Krakoa. And the far distant future has the population attempting to ascend to with the Phalanx. The only time periods shown here are year one and year one thousand. What can Xavier and Magneto possible need from Mister Sinister.

Credits and Thoughts

Jonathan Hickman continues to write his 12 issue series of House/Powers before the new X-Books start later this year. R.B. Silva provides the artwork with Marte Gracia on colors. This wasn’t the best issue for me but it did lay some ground work for past events. I have to say, the whole future with the Phalanx and the ascension are confusing to me. I have faith that by issue #6 it will become more clear. But for now I’m lost. There is still enough interesting stuff going on in year one to make it worth the read.

Xavier introduces Cypher to KrakoaPowers of X #4 – *SPOILERS*

Xavier and Magneto’s visit with Mister Sinister sets up some part of their plan to stop Nimrod. Sinister is already cataloging the DNA of Earth. So they just ask him to separate out the mutant DNA. Xavier also makes him forget why he is doing it and that they were even there to ask him to. He does leave it open for Sinister to remember, but not until Xavier tells him to.

Cypher meets Krakoa

Next, in a flash back to months prior, Xavier brings Cypher to Krakoa so he can start to learn it’s language. Xavier is about to communicate telepathically, but he only gets fragments of thought. Not in depth conversation. Krakoa explains that it had another half that was split off by an ancient enemy. And that Apocalypse was the one who drove the enemy out but left it as only one half of a whole.

As Xavier leaves, Cypher tells him it will take, at most, a year for him to build the interface that will allow other mutants to communicate with Krakoa. One interesting thing to note is that Xavier is walking here. But was in his chair when they went to meet Sinister. I’m guessing either the battle with Lucifer could have happened in between dropping cypher off and that meeting. Or some other cause for him to be paralyzed.

The Ascension

There’s not much I can say about this section. The Phalanx arrive after being summoned. Being a super intelligent, high level machine, the Phalanx can absorb any machine it finds useful into itself. So the human librarian copied a version of himself into an empty machine and had the Phalanx absorb it. It worked, and a copy of the human’s consciousness was uploaded to the Phalanx. Now they must wait to see if the Phalanx find their solution acceptable.  They believe they have found a way around the humans not being able to ascend.

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