Fantastic Four #14

Fantastic Four#14

Fantastic Four #14, “Point of Origin”, has the team looking back at the flight that turned them into superheroes. Reed and Johnny want to fix what went wrong and try again. Ben just want to forget about one of his biggest failures. The kids are bored with it all. And Sue love to see her husband and brother working together and happy. This is a cool look back at their origin, but in a reminiscent way.

Credits and Thoughts

This issue is written by Dan Slott with Paco Medina illustrating. There has been a little fluff in many of the recent issues. Which is fine now and again. The Hulk vs Thing arc was really good. But this feels like its starting to get back to Fantastic Four adventures. The artwork is really well done. I really liked the flash back panels in the retro style. Then the modern art in the present. Its very smooth and detailed. This is an all around good issue. I think the best part is the Johnny Storm origin feature in it.

The kids are bored

Fantastic Four #14 – *SPOILERS*

The National Air and Space Museum has put the Fantastic Four’s original rocket, Marvel-1, on public display. The team show up for the ribbon cutting. The kids are bored. But Johnny and Reed start to think about what went wrong. Ben is no to happy to revisit his biggest failure that turned him into rock.

Johnny has words with Duke and Sandy over a comment they make about Ben. Sue and Johnny took their place on the flight. But Sandy said she was happy to not turn out like the Thing. This exchange prompts their departure. Back home, Reed starts to think of how he can rebuild the Marvel-1. And Johnny flashes back to what it took from him to join the team in the first place. This is a cool look at Johnny Storm, the youngest pilot in NASA. As opposed to the Human Torch.

Johnny and Reed work to rebuild the rocket. And they only use technology that was available at the time the original was built. They also don’t use their powers. Once completed, they reveal their handy work to the rest of the family. Ben is not too happy about it. But he comes around and agrees to pilot the ship. The kids go to stay at the Lafayettes. And the original Fantastic Four set out to visit a binary solar system, 44 light years away.

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