House of X #4

House of X 4
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The X-Men have suffered a devastating explosion at the Sentinel Mother Mold in House of X #4. But the mission still must be completed. The existence of both mutants and humans depends on it. But who is left standing after their ship was torn apart? And can they make it home even if they are victorious?

Credits and Thoughts

This issue of House of X is titled “It Will Be Done”. Jonathan Hickman writes and Pepe Larraz illustrates. Its pretty hard to not spoil the issue and tell you how it was. But I’ll tell you the whole time reading, my bottom jaw was on my chest. The artwork was absolutely amazing. Its very dark and the scenes are brutal. Colors were provided by Marte Gracia. The story is just a must read. Its all I can really say. I have no idea what happens now, but i can’t wait to see how this all sets up the future of X-Men.

Xavier prepares the X-MenHouse of X-Men #4 – *SPOILERS*

This was a pretty big issue for the House of X. If you don’t want to spoil it turn back now. As you could probably guess from the last issue. Not all the X-Men that made it to the Mother Mold survived the explosion. Archangel and Hush were killed in the blast. I don’t know a lot about Husk but her power was the ability to change her skin to different material. Seems like she could survive explosions but they were caught completely off guard.

Jean, Nightcrawler and Wolverine were all badly injured. Wolverine has to grow an arm back. Nightcrawler has some internal injuries but is able to continue with the mission. Jean is hurt but able to keep the connection with the team and Xavier with the help of Monet. So they continue with the plan to decouple the sentinel mother mold before the humans can bring it online. Nightcrawler teleports the remaining X-Men to their targets and they get to work.

Releasing the Mother Mold

Nightcrawler and Wolverine make short work of their targets. There approaches are very different. Logan leaves a huge pile of bodies while Kurt just ties up his opposition. But this prompts the humans to take action. Cyclops faces a little more resistance but is able to disengage his sector. Mystique is the only one remaining, but her sector is guarded by the Omega Sentinel and Doctor Gregor. As she nears her target, Doctor Gregor opens up a hatch that sucks Mystique out into open space.

With the X-Men unable to get to the decoupling mechanism Gregor starts the boot process for the mother mold. Giving the X-Men only 30 seconds to act. Nightcrawler and Wolverine enact the back up plan. They teleport directly on to the arm holding the mold and Wolverine rips it apart. Sending the mother mold tumbling into the forge. But in doing this, both X-Men are burned to ash by the radiation.  The scene prior is pretty heartbreaking. Logan asks if Kurt still believes there is something on the other side of this life. This prompts one of my favorite lines. “I will be there, waiting for you…radiant and with open arms”.

Kurt and Logan say goodbyeThe Escape

Earlier, Monet was killed allowing Jean to get away in an escape pod. This leaves only Cyclops and Jean left to get back home. Scott starts to run to where Jean can get him into the escape pod. But the Omega Sentinel and Doctor Gregor blast him with power limiting nanites. Distraught over her husband’s death in all this, Gregor takes no prisoners and kills Scott. Then, before Jean can get the pod away from the forge, the team of sentinels the humans called for arrives and takes her pod out.

The mission was a success. But all the X-Men involved were sacrificed to make sure it was. So how does the House of X move forward after such a devastating loss? The next issue in this House of X and Powers of X series is the Powers of X title. With that dealing with more of the bigger picture, we may get some answers there.

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