Buffy the Vampire Slayer #8

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 8

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #8 is the prelude to the Hellmouth crossover of Angel and Buffy. This event will last well into February 2020. There are at least 5 issues of Hellmouth planned. And every issue of Buffy and Angel will be a part of the crossover. In this prelude issue of Buffy, we find out the key to opening the Hellmouth is already in Sunnydale. The first issue of BVS: Chosen Ones got into some detail on how the Hellmouth ended up in Sunnydale in the first place. Can they stop Drusilla before its too late?

Credits and Thoughts

This issue was written by Jordie Bellaire and illustrated by David Lopez. The series as a whole seems to be moving a little slow. There is a lot of ground work being laid though. There are a ton of characters we haven’t even scratched the surface on yet. I’m not a huge fan of the art work. Its unique and fits a series like Buffy. This particular issue does start to ramp things up for the Hellmouth. I have to admit that I was a little on edge while reading it. There was a good amount of suspense.

Xander and Buffy at a Halloween PartyBuffy the Vampire Slayer #4 – *SPOILERS*

Buffy and Xander are at the school’s Halloween dance. Xander loves it, but Buffy is just there because Giles made her go. Willow is supposedly studying but we find out later that she was lying. There is a mysterious guy in a devil mask that seems to have taken an interest in Buffy. I have to assume that this is Angel. Buffy just has to make sure nothing crazy happens a the school while Giles and Jenny attend a museum exhibit. The one curated by Buffy’s mom full of Egyptian artifacts.


Giles is probably a little too excited to be at the museum. That is until he realizes that one of the pieces on the exhibit is actually the key to opening the Hellmouth. It was rather curious why such a large collection of Egyptian artifacts ended up in Sunnydale. Giles quickly grabs the Dagger of Sekhmet in order to keep it from Drusilla. But its too late, she has arrived at the museum already.

Once she finds out that Joyce is the curator, she threatens that if she can’t find the Dagger, she will kill either her or her husband. Giles is prepared to let it happen. But Jenny caves and tells her where it is. That was the most intense sequence of the series so far for me. I just knew Buffy’s dad was done for. But they aren’t even out of the woods yet.

Drusilla takes the dagger and stabs Spike of all people to start the opening of the Hellmouth. The High School starts to rumble. Buffy makes sure everyone gets out. But the floor splits to reveal the Hellmouth has started burning. Then we cut to what Willow has been up to. She and many items are floating above a pentagram as she is in the midst of some spell.

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