Agents of Atlas #2

Agents of Atlas 2

Mike Nguyen and his company have joined together the biggest Asian cities from around the world in Agents of Atlas #2. But the Agents of Atlas are busy fighting Dragons that have attacked the city. But there is something off about the timing of all this. Issac Ikeda, the protector of Pan, surely has something to hide. As does the Big Nguyen Company with its new technology. Can the Agents of Atlas get to the bottom of this before people get hurt?

Credits and Thoughts

Agents of Atlas #2 is written by Greg Pak with art from Nico Leon and Pop Mhan. The story is good so far. The characters look amazing. And their dialogue is interesting and engaging. The action sequences are drawn really well. The panels are detail but not too busy and distracting. I like how they drew Nguyen’s holographic projection of himself. I am particularly fond of Silk and Brawn’s relationship. With Brawn the leader and Silk being a voice he can listen to and trust. And she will definitely call him out when he needs it. Its a good series so far and I’m excited for these characters. I kind of wish this was an ongoing series and not just 5 issues.

Agents of Atlas stand in front of the crowdAgents of Atlas #4 – *SPOILERS

We begin with Mike Nguyen making his pitch for Pan in a breaking news interview. But in reality, the Agents of Atlas are fighting dragons…excuse me, wyverns in the middle of the city. Issac show up again to help. He gives Luna Snow the idea to bring the temperatures down to drive the wyverns away. The whole city celebrates the Heroes, but Brawn is very skeptical of everything. And he’s also pretty jealous of the attention Issac is showing Luna. But Silk’s spider-sense is still doing nothing.

Silk tries to help Brawn calm down and enjoy himself. It is not until later that Luna starts to reinforce his suspicions of Nguyen and Issac. Another dragon, or wyvern or what ever they are shows up and attacks a raft full of refugees. As Luna and Brawn save them, the Pan Guard (apparently a police force for the city) show up and tries to apprehend the refugees. Later Luna and Brawn share a kiss as Silk comes to find them. So at least maybe he can stop being so jealous of Issac.

I have to admit, my favorite part was probably one single panel where Giant Man is inducted into the Agents of Atlas. All he has to do was ask. Me too?

Giant Man is officially an Agent

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