Stranger Things: Six #4

Stranger Things Six 4
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Stranger Things: Six #4 is the dramatic conclusion of an excellent story of the Hawkins lab before the events of  Stranger Things season one. Dr. Brenner’s reckless experiments have left one of the twins in a coma. But Francine has seen the way out for them. Can Ricky, Marcy and Francine escape the lab and gain their freedom? And if they do, what kind of impact could that have on the future of Stranger Things?

Credits and Thoughts

Stranger Things: Six #4 was written by Jody Houser with pencils by Edgar Salazar. I absolutely loved this mini-series. Houser did an excellent job of crafting a story that can live on its own, and tie into the Netflix series. This ending really caught me off guard. But in a good way. Salazar’s art is perfect for this series. Keith Champangne provides ink and Marissa Louise colors. Its all beautifully done. Its detailed but simple. There are not busy backgrounds or things that distract from the characters and action.

Six and Three enact their planStranger Things: Six #4 – *SPOILERS*

This issue concludes the mini-series in dramatic fashion. With Francine’s power to see the future, her and Ricky develop a plan to get the kids out of the Lab. Starting with getting Francine admitted to the infirmary with Nine and her sister. She finally learns their real names and convinces Marcy to come with her. But unfortunately she will have to leave her sister, Jamie.

With the visions guiding them, the begin their way to freedom. A mystery woman shows up looking for her daughter Jane. This gun toting distraction is enough for Francine, Marcy and Ricky to get outside. The younger kids are left in the lab. But once they are outside, the security forces are right on their heels. Seeing a vision of Ricky being shot, Francine tells them to run and is shot herself.

Having used her power to change an outcome, she fades away with Brenner standing over her. She knows that Ricky and Marcy will get away. Which means she beat Brenner. This leaves a lot of stories untold. Who is the mystery woman and Jane? What happened to Ricky and Marcy after they escaped? Will we ever see them in the television series? These are all fun questions to ponder as we wait for Season 4 an possible more comics in the future.

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