Flash #77

Flash 77

It is part two of Death and the Speed Force in Flash #77. The Black Flash is after all the new force users. Plus Snart is re-forming the Rouges with Heatwave and Weather Wizard. Barry has to get Steadfast away from Black Flash. And they have to find the other force users to warn them. But Fuerza told him never to come back to Corto Maltese. And Psych is more Super Villain than Super Hero. So how in the world are they going to come together and defeat the Black Flash? And if they do, how will they stop the Speed Force from dying with the other forces unleashed?

Credits and Thoughts

The Flash #77 is written by Joshua Williamson and penciled by Rafa Sandoval. Williamson has had an impressive run since DC Rebirth. He continues that with the two different stories going on here. One has the Year of the Villain: Dark Gifts. Captain Cold receiving his gift from Luthor and reforming the Rouges. Then we have the Death and the Speed Force story in the foreground. He does a good job of keeping both going at a decent pace. Plus the characters he’s created for this series are phenomenal.

With pencils from Rafa Sandoval, inks from Jordi Tarragona and Tomeu Morey on colors the artwork is exceptional. Theres a good mix of traditional panel pages and chaos in the full page panels. Character design is great with my favorite being Fuerza. As the strength force user, her look is perfect. Any deeper dive into this character is a good thing.

The Rouges Reloaded

The Flash #77 – *SPOILERS*

The first section of the story involves Captain Cold and Heatwave out to recruit Weather Wizard. He is out in the fire ravaged Amazon searching for peace. He’s also naked, which is kind of weird. Seeing this human caused desolation drives him to a desire to become weather’s assassin. So Snart doesn’t have to pitch him joining the Rouges too hard.

The rest of the story is Barry and the Flash family trying to escape the Black Flash with Steadfast.They manage to trick the death bringer by imbuing Steadfast’s Clock with the Still Force. With him tracking the cloak, Barry is able to get away with Steadfast. Their first stop is Corto Maltese and Fuerza.

King Shark thought it would be a good idea to attack Corto Maltese with a band of pirates. It wasn’t. Fuerza ends up breaking his jaw and throwing him way out into the ocean. It takes some doing, but Steadfast convinces her to come with them. The new forces seem to be calling out to each other with Death on their heels.

The final objective is to find Psych in Zandia. This proves to be a tougher sell than Fuerza. Already being more Villain than Hero, Psych reads Flash’s mind to find what is going on. Doing this, he realizes Barry has no idea how to stop the Black Flash. And knowing that Black Flash is tracking their powers, he forces Steadfast to use his Still Force against Flash and Fuerza so he can get away. Next issue begins War of the Forces.

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