Amazing Spider-Man #28

Amazing Spider-Man 28
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In Amazing Spider-Man #28, Spidey must figure out a way to save Boomerang and deal with the fact that Randy is dating the Beetle.The Syndicate is yet unaware that they are being double crossed. And it looks like the good mayor Wilson Fisk will finally get his hands on Boomerang. All Spider-Man can do now is find his Spider Tracer to track the beacon he put on Boomerang weeks ago. That is unless Fred actually washed his uniform….yeah right of course he didn’t.

Credits and Thoughts

This issue of Amazing Spider-Man was written by Nick Spencer and penciled by Kev Walker. I was skeptical of this story arc featuring the all female Syndicate. It seemed a little silly to me that a crime syndicate would from around the idea that Boomerang treated them poorly. But Spencer has really pulled this story together to be quite enjoyable. Plus he has packed a ton of issues into a little over a year. My biggest concern is the Kindred story and when we will see Spidey actually face him.

Kev Walker has done a great job with drawing Spider-Man and all the female Super Villains in this issue. Jon Dell inks this issue with Laura Martin and Andrew Crossley coloring. There are a lot of splash backgrounds with panels asymmetrically placed over top. But they do a good job not making it so busy that its confusing.

Boomerang spoils it for the Syndicate

Amazing Spider-Man #28 – *SPOILERS*

This issue picks up right where Peter finds that Randy and Beetle are at the apartment. Its a little worrisome that Randy is with a Villain but it quickly becomes apparent that Randy is not OK with her criminal activity. Especially since it involves kidnapping his roommate.  Beetle sends Boomerang’s coordinates to Fisk but Spidey also finds his tracer and heads out after her. When Fisk shows up with all the police force at his side, the Syndicate are clueless that they have been sold out until Fred informs them.

Thinking that Fisk will stand down with his presence at the scene, Spider-Man goes directly to him. The plan back fires with Fisk tell to police Spidey is under the influence of a hypnorang. Fred finally shows Beetle a piece of paper that is apparently the reason Fisk is after him. Whatever is on that paper must be pretty big since they convince the entire Syndicate to work with Boomerang and Spider-Man to not let Fisk have it. We’re not yet filled in on the secret but Boomerang does finally tell Spider-Man. And it looks as if the Beetle is turning over a new leaf for her boyfriend Randy. So it looks like there is no such thing as a lost cause.

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