Action Comics #1014

Action Comics #1014

Action Comics #1014 has the Daily Planet with a new owner. The Red Cloud has been offered her full potential by Luthor. And there is a surprise visit by a new hero in the DC Universe. Clark and Lois must figure out how to navigate this new benefactor being their boss. Superman seeks help from S.T.A.R. Labs, but end up helping them also. And Thorn finds herself in deep trouble.

Credits and Thoughts

Brian Michael Bendis writes Action Comics #1014 with Syzmon Kudranski artwork. The story has a lot going on. There is the Leviathan story that is still hanging over everyone. The Red Cloud is more dangerous than ever. And now we have no idea what the motives of this new owner at the Daily Planet are. The team is doing a good job handling everything and keeping story lines moving. Art is fantastic. The dark coloring from Brad Anderson sets a ominous tone for the whole issue. The characters are generally sharp with the back ground blurred to make them pop.

Daily Planet's new ownerAction Comics #1014 – *SPOILERS*

The opening sequence is the exchange with Marisol Leone and Mr. White discussing the future of the Daily Planet. Leone, the leader of the Invisible Mafia, is now wanting to get hands on with the Planet and help to break the story of Leviathan. But is that her only motivation or is there more here than a business deal? Clark and Leone’s first encounter is a little awkward after he asks her where she came from.

Superman heads to S.T.A.R. Labs to discuss the temporal energy signatures that are present at the Leviathan attacks. Only when he arrives there is a giant Drafutatu Creature attacking. He learns from Dr. Glory that S.T.A.R. Labs has also been tracing the signatures. And the creature may be a direct result of these temporal energies. They believe that Leviathan is causing rifts between dimensional planes.

Thorn has found herself chasing down the apocalypse drug to the Invisible Mafia. As she stabs one of the gangsters with a syringe, The Red Cloud show up with complete control of her powers. There is not much that Thorn can do with an entity made of smoke. She is quickly overtaken.

Clark meets up with Lois as she continues to write her Leviathan story. They discuss their skepticism of Miss Leone. But as they are talking, something appears streaking across the sky in Metropolis. Superman head out to investigate. He arrives as it lands to find out that it is Naomi. She needs Superman’s help. As if there wasn’t enough going on.

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