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Knights Temporal #2

Knights Temporal 2

Knights Temporal #2 proves to be much more than just a story about time travel. There is a lot more going on here than Jane Foole is letting our hero in on. Auguste De Riviere is still in pursuit of the evil sorcerer Gaspard. But he learns some disturbing things about himself and his companion in is search. As will any time travel story, things can get a little confusing. This issue provides some of the rules to how things work in this universe.

Credits and Thoughts

Cullen Bunn and Fran Galan team up to bring this series to life. I thought it was going to be a sort of straight forward time travel story with the hero traveling to different eras in search of the villain. But Bunn provides some cool twists to the story that are shaping up to be very interesting. There is also a lot of horror elements to the evil sorcerer. So it is shaping up to be a very unique and interesting series. Galan’s art brings the characters to life brilliantly. The use of colors to separate each time period and juxtapose them together is awesome. If you’re a horror and time travel fan, I recommend picking this one up. I’m going to try and work the line “What Deviltry?” into casual conversations from now on.

Knights Temporal #2 – *SPOILERS*

The issue starts with Jane being cryptic an Auguste wanting answers. What does she mean by The Way? And who are “They”? Then it gets real interesting. The two page spread shows a fragmented reality with different versions of Jane and Auguste in different time periods. The we see them in four distinct periods with Jane promising they will find the sorcerer there. It would appear that this is the same Jane and August at different points on their journey. But its later revealed that this is probably not the case.

In the “now” part of the story, Jane and Auguste are in a Library. Auguste is still bothered by the old man saying that he knew him from 50 years in the past. He pays a girl in the Library to help him research his name to find answers. Cause of course he doesn’t know how to work a computer. But he finds history tells of a Rivers Gang in the Old West that were murderous bandits. Jane warns him to be careful what he digs for. Its becoming unclear whether Jane is actually helping Auguste or if she is just a different sort of villain in this story. She’s definitely hiding a lot from Auguste.

The Rules of Time Travel

We are introduced here to some rules to this version of time travel. Its becoming apparent that each era that Auguste and Jane are in is a splintered version of themselves. Auguste does not seem aware of these other eras or versions. We know he can call a magical sword to help fight the monstrous creations of Gaspard. But here we see two versions of himself trying to call the sword at the same time. Only the wild west version is able to possess it while the modern version is left without.

We also see the modern Auguste get injured in the fight.  Auguste has the ability to instantly heal himself. Which seems pretty useful, except when he heals his modern version, it just transfers the injury to the old west version. We are also introduced to a version of Auguste that is being held captive by Gaspard. His only request of the sorcerer is to let him die. So with all the splintered versions connected, what happens when one is killed? The old man in the previous issue say he saw Auguste die, but did he just get captured instead? And just how much of this does Jane know?

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