Is Tom Taylor going to kill Spider-Man?

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 12

Tom Taylor has been writing Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man for 11 issues at this point. But the cover reveal for issue #12 he posted had a little spoiler. At least he would have us think that. In the Facebook and Twitter post, he start with the words: “Spider-Man. DEAD???”. The cover for issue #12 is by Andrew Robinson and depicts a detective on the phone, kneeling but Spider-Man’s body. I’m assuming this is Detective Sebbens. But is Tom Taylor really going to kill Spider-Man?

Now we all know how dead superheroes always stay dead. 😉 And we also know that whole saying you can’t judge a book by it’s cover can often hold very true in comics. So is the cover mis-leading? Or is this issue going to be a huge change in the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man series. To be honest, when if first saw the tweet and cover I thought, yeah right, and moved on. But I have really been thinking about it. And after reading issue #11 and really giving it some thought, I think he might do it. Or at least I have a couple reasons why it could make sense.

Why Tom Taylor might Kill Spider-Man

So, first of all, it has been confirmed that Tom Taylor and Tom King are actually the same person. And if you’re up to date on Batman, you know Tom King is a monster. Ok that’s not entirely true. But its funny anyway. But really, Tom Taylor has been writing DCeased. And he seems to enjoy killing off big names. So it’s totally within his wheel house to do such a thing. But the real reason I started to wonder a little bit is the Mary Jane issue in FNSM #11.

In the latest issue of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, the focus was on Mary Jane. Like I said in the Review,  Peter comes home exhausted from fighting trolls and MJ takes care of him. The whole issue revolves around how Peter takes care of the city, and she takes care of Peter. How fitting would it be to follow up such a cool look at Mary Jane’s love for Peter by having him killed directly after. It would be super depressing but also a great story.

That’s not all either. Later in the issue, Miles Morales shows up in the subway tunnel to help MJ with a Troll situation. This is the first mention of Miles in the series. I didn’t even know he existed in this universe until this issue. So could Tom be setting up Miles to take over as the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man? I for one can’t wait for issue #12 to find out.

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